Some of our latest reviews.


-- Marjorie R

Jun 23, 2016

"When my kids needed extra help tutor doctor was great. They immediately provided an experienced, knowledgable tutor. Both of my boys improved greatly. I was relieved to find a service that was helpful and reliable."

-- Pamela P

Jun 16, 2016

"Patrick was fantastic!!"

-- Marjorie R

Jan 27, 2016

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"Great tutors. Tutor Doctor has been there for my boys when they needed help.”

--Pamela P

Dec 09, 2015


"We love that Zohar took the time to meet with us and evaluate my son's needs as well as his personality before picking his tutor. Nicholas has used the tutor that was chosen for two years now, as needed, and we could not be happier. Ranley, our tutor is always on time, polite and obviously getting the job done!”

--Laura G

Jul 08, 2015


"Our tutor Ranley was fantastic. He tutored my daughter in geometry after she got a 75 for 1st qtr. Her 4th qtr grade was a 96 and she achieved a 97 on the geometry regents. We are more than pleased.”

--Alyssa P

Jun 26, 2015


"Convenient and Flexible.”

--Paul C

Jun 18, 2015


"The conscientiousness and commitment of the tutor. Grades have soared since my granddaughter has been tutored in Algebra.”

--Carol L

May 14, 2015



--Pamela P

Apr 18, 2015


"We like our tutor Ranley. He is extremely professional and knows how to explain & teach math to my daughter who was struggling in geometry. She has improved tremendously in only one marking quarter.”

--Alyssa P

Feb 18, 2015


"I really like the tutor I have for my son.”

--Denise G

Dec 25, 2014


"Tutor Doctor was quick to respond to our sons need for a tutor. They listened to our request for a tutor we felt would best suit our sons needs. The hours are flexible. This is our second tutor from tutor doctor. Both of our sons have done well.”

--Pamela P

Dec 04, 2014


"easy to work with and schedule”

--Dave G

Oct 15, 2014


"Knowledgeable staff, friendly, easy to work with, excellent price!”

--Adria B

Sep 22, 2014


"Everything!! I've never seen my son so enthusiastic about studying. He sets up his own appointments with his tutor and for the first time is taking full responsibility for preparing for his tests. Thank you Zohar!!!!”

--Marjorie R

Sep 20, 2014


"We liked that our tutor was extremely knowledgable in many subjects. We also liked the flexibility since my sons schedule was a little crazy.”

--Pamela P

Jul 24, 2014


"easy to deal with, good quality tutors who can relate to my child”

--Dave G

Jul 02, 2014


"You worked with me in getting an appropriate and qualified tutor that fit our very tight schedule”

--Donna K

May 29, 2014


"That it is pre-paid.”

--Debbie M

May 24, 2014


"Capable tutors, flexible and accommodating to student”

--Andrea H

May 22, 2014