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"Janet has been amazing. She has been instrumental in Maddie's progress with reading and in her overall self-esteem. Thank you for finding such a wonderful match for our daughter!”

--Sarah R

Jun 25, 2014


"Your services are low hassle, well communicated and most importantly, effective.”

--Zachary W

Jun 12, 2014


"The professionalism, the promptness, the ability to rearrange schedules at the last minute, the owner and the intellect of the tutor.”

--Robin S

May 28, 2014


"The tutors are knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. My son has excelled in algebra since he began sessions with his tutor. Thank you so much :)”

--Angela W

May 22, 2014


"I have a great tutor working with my son. He takes time with him and makes sure he understands the material.”

--Rudolf R

May 15, 2014


"Convenience of tutor coming to me.”

--Jay L

May 14, 2014


"The professionalism of the owner/director and the tutors. Very organized. My son had a D- in English in October when I hired Tutor Doctor to help. He now has a B! Even though the tutoring was a huge factor in this grade, it was not the only factor. Our tutor, Megan, helped me, the parent, on how to get my child extra help, how to speak to the guidance counselors and other school officials, which we ended up finding out Noah has learning disabilities and is now given extra help and has a case worker who monitors him weekly. I would not have know to do this or know how to do this, if it had not been from the extra help and care that Megan showed to my family. She noticed these difficulties Noah was having and was able to guide me in the right direction to seek the extra help Noah needed. I hope to make Megan a permanent fixture in Noah's remaining two years in high school. I feel she is an asset to his school success!”

--Stacy C

May 01, 2014


"Excellent service”

--Elizabeth P

May 01, 2014


"Reliable, professional. Seem to have found a good match for our son.”

--Mary E

Apr 10, 2014


"Thorough and reasonable.”

--Paige H

Apr 03, 2014


"The chemistry tutor Tutor Doctor found for us is very good and extremely flexible with regarding sessions. I also liked that she came to our home.”

--Katherine D

Feb 27, 2014


"The effecientcy and timeliness of the assignments. The flexibility of the tutors is also wonderful”

--Robin S

Feb 20, 2014


"Convenient and flexible. Great tutors!”

--Jay L

Feb 19, 2014


"Flexibility or tutors and responsiveness”

--Susan B

Feb 13, 2014


"I like that they work with you to make sure that we are satisfied and seem to be generally concerned about my kids progress at school.”

--Alane H

Feb 13, 2014


"The ability to set a recurring schedule with prepaid appts. The support bill provides if there is a problem. The knowledge of the tutors we have used.”

--Erin L

Jan 30, 2014


"Tutors are kind and nice. I would like it if they were a little more aggressive with their teachings. But, I may not be the best person to use for this survey. I'm still in the early stages of tutoring with my child and we have alot of other issues going on with our son. Tutoring is helping and it is certainly not the reason for lack of success from our son.”

--Stacy C

Jan 30, 2014


"Very simple process - love that I can use the tutor as needed, rather than a set schedule. Quality tutor assigned to us.”

--Paul C

Jan 29, 2014


"Convenience of having tutor come to me.”

--Jay L

Nov 08, 2013


"The tutor we were assigned is very knowledgeable and works very well with my son.”

--Angela W

Oct 17, 2013