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"Prompt response, willingness to work with me and my daughter to find the right tutor for her.”

--Ingrid P

Oct 13, 2013


"very responsive”

--Wendy M

Oct 02, 2013


"The tutor selected to help our daughter feel more confident in reading was a perfect fit for her and having the tutor come to our house has also been a bonus.”

--Mary S

Sep 25, 2013


"Crystal is great. Libbie would not have made it through Algebra without her”

--Ellen R

May 09, 2013


"The service is great! I was concerned using Craigslist or some form of advertisement. With the Tutor Doctor I felt the Tutor was checked out thoroughly and matchde perfectly to my son.”

--Susan S

Apr 28, 2013


"The tutor was a perfect fit for our daughter and having her come to the house is so convenient!”

--Mary S

Apr 24, 2013


"The convenience of being able to have a tutor already screened. I also appreciate the convenience of having the tutors come to our house. My daughter loves her tutors. She misses Kim Chazo but she has been doing very well in English and writing papers so we've managed well this year without her. She loves Lindsey Carr, she is an excellent math tutor. This year, we have Joshua Romero for physics (math part) and he's been really helpful too. We are very grateful that Tutor Doctor was around to give our daughter the support she needed to excel in school.”

--Lorie B

Apr 17, 2013


"Quality Tutors, flexibility, informative updates.”

--Greg H

Nov 10, 2012


"I really like that once we pay for a block of sessions we are able to transfer the hours from one year to the next and from one child to another.”

--Marietta G

Nov 08, 2012


"Crystal is great. I don't think my daughter could be getting a B in Algebra II without her and she is also helping with Physics. She has made a huge difference in the stress in my family since we are not worried about a failing grade anymore :)”

--Ellen R

Sep 27, 2012


"Don't have to leave the house:):)”

--Cynthia K

Aug 28, 2012


"The tutor comes to our house and is flexible with when to come.”

--Danelle G

Jul 30, 2012


"The Tutor Doctor representative we dealt with was wonderful. He is very understanding and accomodating. He was very willing to make the perfect match. The tutor, herself, was very knowledgable, patient and flexible with her schedule. She made every effort to adjust to my granddaughter's work schedule. The results speak for themselves. My granddaughter was able to pass the nursing-school admissions test, bringing up her grades by more than 50 points on each section of the test.”

--Bernice M

Apr 19, 2012


"Tutors work one-on-one with my child using same textbook she uses in class. Additionally, tutors have been very flexible in working around a difficult schedule.”

--Patricia T

Apr 18, 2012


"The tutors are found for me, I don't have to interview. The tutors come to my house. The tutors are really helping my daughter.”

--Lorie B

Apr 18, 2012


"Home based . my child is happy and doing better”

--Debbie D

Apr 17, 2012


"Bill Thompson gives great personal service! One-on-one tutoring at home is the best!”

--Cynthia K

Apr 16, 2012


"The individual care and attention from our tutor, Janet, as well as the incredible gains my son is making in such a short time!”

--Sarabeth S

Apr 12, 2012


"Tutor Doctor has done a wonderful job matching the tutor with the student!”

--Donna R

Apr 12, 2012


"We have been very pleased. Every effort has been made to make a perfect fit between tutor and pupil.”

--Bernice M

Oct 27, 2011