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"The quality of the staff. The ability to communicate directly with management/own. Rapid response to concerns.”

--Karen R

Dec 28, 2015


"The way the tutor explain each and every single word and associated the meaning with a daily life event. My son is very happy with his tutor.”

--Charline L

Dec 26, 2015


"I highly recommend your services the tutors are very qualify and responsable”

--Patricia H

Oct 08, 2015


"The professionalism and availability that each person portrays.”

--Mike G

Sep 30, 2015


"Services are excellent! We are more than happy! Congratulations!!”

--Monica M

Sep 02, 2015


"The convenience of the tutoring taking place in our home and working around my daughter's schedule.”

--Jennifer C

Aug 27, 2015


"I like the home visits. While my child is being tutored I can do something else. Thank you very much. Deborah Bradley”

--Deborah B

Jul 09, 2015


"The tutor was very professional, and I feel that your services have helped my daughter improve on her test scores.”

--Tina W

Mar 20, 2015


"We have a great instructor. He is knowable and always shows up on time.”

--Bill S

Mar 11, 2015


"We were able to start tutoring that week and the tutor was an actual high school teacher.”

--Renee F

Mar 05, 2015


"Seth is competent, friendly and has increased our son's confidence in math. We got what we asked for!”

--Traci F

Feb 12, 2015


"Our tutors have been very flexible to our schedule and it's not just another thing we have to put into a certain time frame.”

--Mary L

Feb 11, 2015


"The student and tutor are matched with interests and personalities in mind.”

--Daniela S

Feb 05, 2015


"Our exact needs were fulfilled with a perfect match for our child. You took the time to ask all the right questions in the beginning and matched us perfectly with a great tutor. The tutor had similarities to our child and they relate well. Thank you for that!”

--Lois C

Feb 04, 2015


"They're always accommodating whenever I need someone even last minute they have someone available Very easy working with them”

--Lisa T

Jan 21, 2015


"I like that the student's needs and interests are matched up with the tutor.”

--Daniela S

Oct 29, 2014


"The tutor showed concern for the student and concentrated his efforts on what was most necessary.”

--Giovanna P

Oct 11, 2014


"I've appreciated the immediate professional tutor arrangements w our children and the at home service w qualified tutors. I've already referred TutorDoctor to others.”

--Lorea T

Oct 01, 2014


"Paul Knight has been very helpful to Dylan's Progress in math.”

--Suzy W

Sep 19, 2014


"That it's personally tailored to my son's needs and interests.”

--Daniela S

Jul 21, 2014