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"Very professional, caring and flexible.”

--Mirvat H

Jul 17, 2014


"It's very professional and my daughter love the program”

--Sharonda W

Jun 18, 2014


"Tutor Doctor is a great company to work with. Their Tutors are excellent. My son's grade improved One to two letter grades! Thank you so much”

--Lisa T

Jun 02, 2014


"My son's tutor is the best, she's so patient and she does her utmost best for him to understand the lesson that she's teaching. I am eternal grateful to Tudor Dr. I would highly recommend them to any parents that there child/ children are havering problems learning at school.”

--Dawn N

May 15, 2014


"The service was prompt. The communication was outstanding and after the tutoring my son got a 100 on his AP Statistics Exam. Paul was easy and nice to work with and the results speak for themselves. Ken Farino”

--Ken F

May 08, 2014


"My daughter receiving the help”

--Sharonda W

Mar 07, 2014


"Promptly response. They choose the right tutor and in our experience, they know how to motivate and they are very friendly and personable”

--Alicia L

Mar 07, 2014


"I like how willing the tutor is to communicate with the teacher and myself to make the experience productive. Taylor and Arielle are very involved and incredibly knowledgeable.”

--Danielle R

Mar 06, 2014


"I really like Arielle. She is very kind and nurturing. Just what my daughter needed! Her words encourage my daughter to do better. She seems to want to please her by learning more.”

--Mary C

Mar 06, 2014


"From the first time I talked with you about tutoring my child, you were wonderful and very accommodating. You paired my child up with a tutor, Paul, who has been a pleasure to work with. He is very professional and very accommodating regarding the scheduling. My son has seen an improvement in his grades and we are very happy with your service and look forward to continuing in the future.”

--Lisa T

Feb 27, 2014


"Tutor Dr. provides excellent service to your child's individual needs. Currently my daughter has improved in math and working hard to improve her science grades. We look forward to meeting with our tutor twice a week. It helps to elevate the stress we have when trying to assist our daughter ourselves. They both work well together .”

--Christina B

Feb 05, 2014


"My son's math grades have improved and he has developed an enthusiasm for the subject. The Tutor approaches the lesson uniquely for my son's personality and leaning needs.”

--Suzy W

Jan 31, 2014


"Your services helped raise my daughters grade level from a C to a B last school year. Our current tutor Stephanie has been amazing! She gets along extremely well with my daughter and is helping her maintain an A average in Math this year.”

--Lisa M

Sep 19, 2013


"I am very glad I met Taylor Fountain at the green market, otherwise I would have never known your company existed. I find it amazing that the first tutors chosen for my son was a good fit. That doesn't usually happen right out of the gate. Glad it did. I hope that you offer a nicer discount to repeat customers. Thank you Lynne Sachs”

--Lynne S

Sep 19, 2013


"The quality of tutor that I had with my daughter was fantastic, very professional and knowledgeable about what my daughter needed to focus on. Also, having the tutor come to my home was a nice.”

--Angela H

Sep 11, 2013


"It's awesome that you come to us, that I don't have to take my child to you.”

--Susan S

Aug 07, 2013


"Paul Knight has been very helpful to Dylan Levinson so far. We have had approximately 6 sessions and have already seen improvement in Dylan. Paul is reliable and nice natured as well. We look forward to having Paul work with Dylan to continue to improve his skills at school.”

--Suzy W

Jun 06, 2013


"having an educated and qualified person come to my home and teach my daughter is convenient”

--Angela H

Jun 05, 2013


"Working with tutor doctor has been a wonderful experience. Our daughter has progressed very nicely under the direction of our very knowledgeable, patient and thorough personal tutor, Paul Knight. I also believe that he has become a very good role model for our daughter and encourages her to do her best. It has also been a pleasure working with the Education Consultant, Taylor Fountain, who has gone beyond the call of duty to make sure all our needs are met. I recommend their services very highly and look forward to continuing to work with this wonderful organization.”

--Laura G

Apr 11, 2013


"I appreciate that Taylor helped me find the right tutor on a short notice. We are very happy with Zandra, she is great with our son, very patient, and professional. Thank you.”

--Alicia L

Apr 04, 2013