Some of our latest reviews.

"The ability to have someone to come to our house and thoroughly explain the challenging topics. The initial interview to find the best fitting tutor for my child was also appreciated. "

-- Alba T

May 02, 2024

"Very prompt and the tutor was excellent. Took a lot of interest in making my son confident."

-- Shashidharamurthy T

Apr 03, 2024

"In home tutoring is convenient for students and busy parents. Tutors are friendly, professional and on time."

-- Cynthia M

Feb 15, 2024

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"I love the quality of the tutor! ”

--Allison M

Aug 31, 2023


"I love how creative Maegan has been with creating games and activities to supplement what Ethan's teacher has provided. Also, the overall communication with Leann and Maegan has been easy and effective. ”

--Jessica J

May 30, 2023


"Promptness and attention to detail.”

--George L

Apr 05, 2023


"Raya is so great with my son! ”

--Holly S

Jul 21, 2022


"Flexibility and availability. Also great tutors that are matched perfectly with my child’s personality and needs!”

--Melissa H

May 19, 2022


"We have had a great experience with Tutor Doctor. They took the time to match my son with a great tutor that not only works well with my son's personality and learning style, but also is extremely knowledgeable and really knows the subject. My son's grades have greatly improved and he actually is enjoying pre-calculus now that he understands the topics. The tutor even encouraged my son to take the AP version of Calculus next year by giving him the confidence that he would do well in that class. I highly recommend Tutor Doctor.”

--Nicole C

May 18, 2022


"The careful placement of finding the best tutor for each kid individually ”

--Jennifer R

Apr 21, 2022


"Lee Anne is incredibly organized and always available to give advice on paths to take. I highly recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone needing a tutor. I have referred many friends to them already.”

--Heather D

Apr 06, 2022


"I have had the pleasure of meeting two (out of two) amazing tutors for my son! He has enjoyed working with his tutors, and he's receiving the individual instruction that he needs. Using Tutor Doctor to identify the right tutor for my child was extremely easy. It took the guesswork out of the equation for me. ”

--Melissa S

Mar 30, 2022


"Very good in helping student needs in Math and Reading”

--Babi N

Mar 18, 2022


"Promptness in getting services and effectiveness of instructor”

--Becky H

Dec 30, 2021


"Patient and real organize.”

--Oumou B

Nov 10, 2021


"Very professional and easy to communicate with and very prompt with responding to any questions. I've already recommended to several friends.”

--Heather D

Sep 09, 2021


"Very personalized and focuses on the students needs.”

--Melanie C

Aug 25, 2021


"Efficiency Punctuality Knowledgeable ”

--Abiola A

May 06, 2021


"Your sense of commitment and dedication to improving the learning skills of a child is commendable. Keep it up.”

--Gabriel G

Apr 29, 2021


"I love how Nik listened to my description of my son and paired him with the perfect tutor. With certain kids it's really important to make sure they are comfortable. ”

--Heather D

Apr 21, 2021