Some of our latest reviews.

"Very responsive. Was easy to set things up and get going."

-- Pat B

Sep 07, 2017

"You provided us with an extremely qualified person. "

-- Sandra S

Sep 06, 2017

"The report card system. Updates on my child's progress."

-- Alison W

Jun 21, 2017

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"regular contact giving progress reports and efforts to make good match for tutor and student”

--Karen M

Jun 14, 2017


"The fact that you have sent us an extremely qualified person who has changed my daughters life for the better.”

--Sandra S

Jun 08, 2017


"Very helpful and tutor comes to my own home”

--Liz L

Jun 07, 2017


"Friendly, reliable easy to work with. Our daughter really enjoys her tutor too. Iqra has been fun to work with.”

--Philippa L

Jun 03, 2017


"Everything was very easy and professional. ”

--Tracy B

Jun 01, 2017


"We like the convenience of home tutoring, and we feel that the tutors are well-qualified and great! Thank you! ”

--Sara A

May 31, 2017


"I have dealt with you for the last year and I am so happy I did! My daughter has been paired with great tutors and is doing well! They are prompt in responding to your needs and are always very friendly and happy to help you with whatever your needs are!! Thank you so much!”

--Lori F

May 26, 2017


"An excellent service all-round.”

--Natalie G

May 24, 2017


"Willing to change Tutor to fit needs and style. ”

--Karyn W

May 20, 2017


"The one on one attention seems to create much needed focus.”

--Scott H

May 11, 2017


"Tutoring services”

--Shannon B

May 09, 2017


"I like that the tutor comes to your home.”

--Marie P

Apr 26, 2017


" We really appreciated the quick response that we got from tutor doctor and we absolutely love the tutor Diane that my son has been given! Diane is very kind generous professional and educated. Above all Diane is very patient with her son who tends to lack motivation most of the time. ”

--Sarah M

Apr 25, 2017


"Always prompt service. Really good matches with tutors for what my children have needed.”

--Aimee G

Apr 19, 2017



--Kevin P

Apr 19, 2017


"Great communication, always available to discuss any issues. Finding a tutor was very fast.”

--Marta S

Apr 03, 2017


" I am certain I would recommend your services. I especially appreciate that tutors are able to come to my home. ”

--Karen M

Mar 15, 2017