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"Speed of communication and the professionalizism of the employees”

--Melissa R

Apr 20, 2016


"- One on one sessions - Our child has the full attention of the tutor - Session times suitable to our family - Sessions held at our home - Tutor is a great match to our son”

--Kristine S

Apr 20, 2016


"I like the fact that you were able to help me alot for my classes and assignments.”

--Tanya W

Apr 14, 2016


"You carefully select the right tutor to work the child's needs”

--Devi S

Mar 23, 2016


"-prompt -professional -clear timely communication”

--Heather G

Feb 25, 2016


"I like to have the individualized services provided in our home for greater convenience.”

--Jocelyn F

Feb 17, 2016


"Very friendly, knowledgeable, and wiling to work around your needs. Great company, great tutors and great owner!!!”

--Ammie A

Feb 04, 2016


"Flexible dates, tutor was great”

--Julie G

Feb 03, 2016


"I really appreciate that the tutor comes to our house. It makes scheduling much more convenient. I also appreciate the difference that one-on-one makes for the student. It's the individual attention that has made the difference, and the exam marks reflect that.”

--Catherine/Robert P

Jan 28, 2016


"Mike was an awesome tutor to my son Curtis . My only wish is that i would have found him sooner, as well as Tutor doctor itself. my son had been struggling with physics for a while and wasent getting the help he needed at school. i would have had him tutored earlier if i had only known .”

--Craig A

Jan 28, 2016


"Our son Landen enjoys his weekly tutor sessions. He has developed a wonderful relationship with his tutor Susan. She has programmed well for Landen and has even contacted his teacher for greater insight into Landen's learning needs. We are very pleased with the Tutor Doctor service and hope that Landen will continue to work with Sue for many more years. Kurt Family.”

--Melissa K

Jan 20, 2016


"Great results. Great tutors. Flexible in thinking.”

--Jacqueline G

Jan 20, 2016


"In house tutoring and the tutors are excellent!”

--Jodi F

Dec 23, 2015


"Thorough initial assessment. Good match of tutor with RJ. Immediate follow up after sessions. Flexibility of schedules. I'm not sure what Kate is doing to motivate RJ but he's dedicating much more time and energy to his studies. Thank you for your help.”

--Barb R

Dec 03, 2015


"response time, helpful tutors”

--Sharon C

Nov 18, 2015


"Punctuality, great feedback tool for each class, motivated tutors.”

--Andrea C

Nov 10, 2015


"convenient professional”

--Deb/Greg H

Oct 29, 2015


"Services are provided in home with flexible hours”

--Jocelyn F

Oct 15, 2015


"I really appreciate that the tutor comes to the house. It makes things much easier.”

--Catherine/Robert P

Oct 14, 2015


"Good tutors. Relevant to what our children need. Can related to children.”

--Jacqueline G

Oct 08, 2015