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"Great teachers. Fun, organized. Assist my children. Flexible.”

--Jacqueline G

Jan 22, 2015


"Shawn is great, committed to helping Nicholas”

--Julie L

Jan 22, 2015


"An excellent, well-chosen tutor who came to our house reliably and punctually; continual feedback and prompt replies to any queries. The improvement in our son's performance was very noticeable.”

--Ross M

Jan 15, 2015


"Flexibility. Attentiveness.”

--Lori B

Jan 15, 2015


"I like how the tutor come out to your house. I also like how well my child has been matched up with her tutor.”

--Mark A

Jan 06, 2015


"I love that the tutor doctor can find me the right tutor that specializes in the right subject.”

--Jody L

Dec 04, 2014


"I truly love that this tutor service is about meeting my child's learning needs. Sue our tutor is fantastic and adjusts his tutor sessions always including practice and review. We are very thankful to have found the tutor doctor.”

--Melissa K

Dec 04, 2014


"Promptness to reply, quality of tutors.”

--Fred R

Nov 12, 2014


"Very personalized to meet student needs. Assessment session was very well done and involved student. Reports about weekly seesions help keep track of progression with learning needs and how they are being met”

--Angela S

Nov 10, 2014


"I like that the tutor comes to our home. We are very pleased with the quality of our tutor as well.”

--Laura K

Nov 06, 2014


"Fast match up tutor is on time knows what he is doing”

--Kamal A

Oct 31, 2014


"Professional Flexible”

--Mark W

Oct 23, 2014


"I love that the Tudor comes to our home!”

--Darlene M

Oct 22, 2014


"Evaluation and emails are the best. Thank you”

--Mona Y

Oct 18, 2014


"- convenience of in-home tutoring - careful assessment and tutor matching - quality of tutoring - flexible pricing structure”

--Ross M

Oct 10, 2014


"Good tutors. Flexible. Kind. Knowledgeable.”

--Jacqueline G

Oct 02, 2014


"Personalized and flexible”

--Lori B

Sep 28, 2014


"every thing is perfect and very nice”

--Michael C

Sep 25, 2014


"They can choose matching teacher for student. Teacher has good quality and skills.”

--Masahiko M

Aug 20, 2014


"I like the interaction of the tutor with my grand daughter. Very friendly and professional. I also like the progress updates because I like to know where they are and the plan for the next little while. I can already see confidence building and it has only been a month or so.”

--Ammie A

Jul 02, 2014