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"Good tutors. Relevant to what our children need. Can related to children.”

--Jacqueline G

Oct 08, 2015


"Our first tutor was a great guy and did some good work with our son but we're noticing and even bigger difference with our second tutor and seeing a marked improvement in our son's whole attitude towards each session. Sarah is able to explain things to him in a way that he understands,seems to know where he's having trouble and comes prepared with work that helps strengthen his skills. We appreciate the feedback after every session and feel confident that she will help him face his first year of high school math.”

--Kim P

Aug 06, 2015


"I like that the sessions are done in your home, that my child enjoys the activities and that he gets to do a variety of activities. I also like the session feedback that lets me know how my child is doing.”

--Jeff S

Jul 30, 2015


"We like that the program accommodates the needs of my children in an individual way. The tutors are friendly, so my children have always identified with them and were able to communicate with them”

--Veronica N

Jul 29, 2015


"I love the excellent math/science tutor that has been coming, and the convenience of having the tutor come to the house. We are very happy with both the arrangement, and the results. Catherine”

--Catherine/Robert P

Jun 11, 2015


"everything. teacher is very trust and passion.”

--Masahiko M

May 28, 2015


"Stephan is doing a great job so far. Thanks for the help.”

--Sophie D

May 07, 2015


"Great tutors. Knowledgedable. Flexible with schedules. Come to our house.”

--Jacqueline G

Apr 29, 2015


"Tutor is always on time. She is calm and patient.”

--Gord C

Apr 18, 2015


"Very professional, friendly, always on time, and really care about the success of their students. Tutordoctor helps the students to be better, not only if the student is in need of some expertise, but to be better at school in general.”

--Andrea C

Apr 15, 2015


"The tutoring is catered to our daughter's needs. Our tutor, Harry, is qualified, professional, patient and supportive of our daughter. Having the tutor come to our home is fantastic to fit in with our busy schedules!”

--Deb/Greg H

Apr 15, 2015


"We are very happy with the Tutor Doctor. Our son enjoys his tutor sessions and his grades have improved.”

--Melissa K

Apr 04, 2015


"your service is good. and my son want more help for improve his reading skill.”

--Michael C

Apr 02, 2015


"Our tutor is excellent. She appears well versed in the elementary curriculum and is patient and encouraging.”

--Tanya G

Mar 04, 2015


"Theacher is very an enthusiastic. Thank you so much.”

--Masahiko M

Mar 04, 2015


"The tutors are very flexible with scheduling time. They take initiative to fully understand the students need and provide help accordingly. I am very happy I chose tutor doctor.”

--Devi S

Feb 25, 2015


"I love that my daughter can stay at home where she is comfortable for her tutoring, and that she absolutely loves her tutor. I am also a big fan of the weekly progress reports.”

--Ammie A

Feb 05, 2015


"Dedications and COMMETMENTS .”

--Mona Y

Feb 05, 2015


"I am very happy with the tutor who helped my son prepare for his math exam. Nic was very patient, thorough, and made a meaningful difference resulting in an excellent exam mark. I also appreciate the convenience in having someone come to the house.”

--Catherine/Robert P

Feb 05, 2015


"- the one on one has helped both of our kids - can focus on what specifics in each subject/unit they do not understand - in our home, kids do not have to go anywhere - very flexable - very approachable - after ever session, session report includes al”

--Denise M

Feb 02, 2015