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"Patience with the student and can ask as many questions. ”

--Elizabeth E

Aug 16, 2017


"Proper tutors to match the specific needs of students”

--John Q

Jul 26, 2017


"Personalized service with a focus on the student's educational needs, and personality, and to choose the right tutor that would achieve the goals of the student. The flexibility to use the blocks of time for different subjects was very beneficial, and efficient.”

--Jennifer C

Jun 14, 2017


"Excellent services”

--Beatriz R

Jun 07, 2017


"Tutor Doctor makes effort to match student to tutor.”

--Gail K

Apr 13, 2017


"The flexibility ”

--Nadia M

Mar 08, 2017


"Personalized and tailored to the child's needs and personality ”

--Jennifer C

Jan 08, 2017


"Michael you are great You understand what i need every time i need help in various subjects. I have learned so much. This last person you sent was exceptional.”

--Elaina P

Nov 01, 2016



--Therese W

Jun 23, 2016



--Patrick A

Jun 15, 2016


"Very professional, responsible and punctual”

--Diana M

Jun 09, 2016


"The services is very flexible and very patient for my two year daughter. My daughter (Julianna) learn a great deal from the teacher (Jill). I will recommend tutor doctor to a friend or business associate.”

--Beatriz R

May 04, 2016



--Ola B

May 04, 2016


"Convenience hiring a tutor without having to interview on my own.”

--Kelly F

Mar 31, 2016


"Very honest and nice”

--Orlando H

Mar 17, 2016


"flexibility, quick response, high quality tutors”

--Kathleen M

Mar 09, 2016


"The Presentation, the willingness to help.”

--Patrick A

Mar 03, 2016


"Claire is a pleasure to work with.”

--Susan M

Feb 11, 2016


"Mrs. Allen is very nice and responsible.”

--Wallace X

Feb 10, 2016


"Our tudor was excellent I have already referred”

--Dorit B

Feb 10, 2016