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"They work with you and tutors are educated and know what they talking about.”

--John M

Mar 05, 2015


"Tutor doctor has helped my son effectively. My son's tutor always makes his timing the easiest for my family.”

--Ferdausi N

Feb 12, 2015


"The attention and patience of your dedicated staff. I'm hoping for more teaching as he gets older. A special thanks to Ms Sharon.”

--Ariane A

Feb 11, 2015


"Tutor Doctor is very accessible and professional. I am very happy with our tutor.”

--Rosemary R

Jan 07, 2015


"Our sons really like their math tutor. He is always friendly and helpful and their math has improved!”

--Colleen W

Jan 07, 2015


"Professional and promptly available when our daughter needed help for upcoming tests and final exams in French. She is doing very well because of her foundational tutorial sessions with Patricia from Tutor Doctor. Thank you Tutor Doctor! Amy & John Morse”

--Amy M

Jan 01, 2015


"Finding a tutor compatible with my son's multiple needd”

--John Q

Dec 23, 2014


"Flexibility in scheduling and results! In one year, my son went from a 72 average in Math to a 96 average!”

--Kathleen M

Dec 04, 2014


"The ability of your firm to adjust to our children's educational needs. Both the Latin and Japanese tutors are excellent, as has our experience with others you have provided in past years, in the majority. We appreciate your efforts which has resulted in our children's understanding of subject matter, increasing thier grades. I fully endorse your services.”

--Richard S

Nov 26, 2014


"The open communication between all parties involved. It's been a very relaxed and positive experience so far.”

--Simone P

Nov 12, 2014


"The Quality Of the Tutors Is Excellent, As Is The Personal Attention.”

--Diane M

Nov 06, 2014


"Our tutor is great!”

--Hillary M

Nov 05, 2014


"You have the best tutor”

--Angelina S

Oct 09, 2014


"all the tutors have been nice and knowledgeable”

--Susan H

Oct 09, 2014


"AT home service”

--Amory S

Oct 01, 2014


"professional tutor, punctual, friendly”

--Colleen W

Sep 24, 2014


"Tutor was on time. Instructions are taught well and easily understood. I would recommend highly.”

--Patricia D

Sep 18, 2014


"Expert help, professionalism and flexibility with scheduling”

--Kathleen M

Aug 27, 2014


"That the Tutor was very punctual , pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable is the subject”

--Lisa V

Jul 30, 2014


"The one on one setting & the tutors experience”

--Florence A

Jul 30, 2014