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"Personalized service”

--Odalis M

Feb 05, 2016


"Appropriate match of my specific needs to a tutor expert in those particular topics.”

--John Q

Jan 27, 2016



--Antonietta C

Jan 07, 2016


"Excellent service”

--Pushpa R

Dec 17, 2015


"Personal attention”

--Odalis M

Oct 30, 2015


"pragmatic, realistic matching of my (student) needs with the appropriate tutor.”

--John Q

Oct 14, 2015


"Good teachers, punctuality, kindly”

--Diana M

Oct 08, 2015


"Tutor is very flexible and punctual. Love that she comes to my house!”

--Kelly C

Oct 08, 2015



--Julie H

Sep 13, 2015


"Very professional & prompt. Tutors are very patient & thorough. I would highly recommend.”

--Rosemary O

Sep 09, 2015


"I like that we have the option to request another tutor if the first one does not work out and I like that I did not have to hunt for a person with the qualifications that i wanted. Tutor Doctor did that.”

--Stephanie B

Aug 12, 2015


"The quality of service and the availability of tutors”

--Barbara C

Jun 11, 2015


"Convenience, flexibility, it is always easy to reach the manager. Easy to resolve issues.”

--Jacqueline G

Jun 11, 2015


"The teachers have been well qualified and knowledgeable in the subject areas requested. The screening has already been done. I like the convenience of paying up front by check so I don't have to keep cash on hand. My daughter has been dong very well with their help.”

--Sheila R

May 19, 2015


"quality tutors and quick responsiveness to changes.”

--John H

May 12, 2015


"The tutor's techniques to teach my daughter and the fact that the block of hours I am paying for are flexible to use.”

--MaryAnn D

May 07, 2015


"Very professional and happy with my tutor”

--Rosemary R

Apr 15, 2015


"Personalized, one-on-one attention from knowledgeable and friendly tutors.”

--Gail K

Apr 07, 2015


"Very professional yet with a personal touch.”

--Rachel W

Apr 01, 2015


"Our tutor is great!”

--Hillary M

Mar 12, 2015