Some of our latest reviews.

"Love our tutor!"

-- Page M

Feb 24, 2017

"customized to the student's needs, not just in subject matter but in learning style and technique"

-- Kim D

Dec 19, 2016

"I love that my child can get individual one-to-one tutoring in the comfort of our home. I also appreciate how vested the tutor is in making sure my child succeeds and becomes more confident the subject."

-- Trish M

Mar 24, 2016

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"The tutor is very patience with my son & came up with fun ways to help him with blended sounds”

--LaToya S

Feb 05, 2016


"Easy to work with. Flexible to meet out schedule. Our tutor was a very good match for our high school son. She was patient, prepared, flexible, and easily related to his perspective. Thank you.”

--Ann P

Jan 15, 2016


"Great tutor. Works hard to get you a great tutor, even at the last minute.”

--Page M

Nov 19, 2015


"jewel barber is the jewel of your organization :) we couldn't be happier”

--Annie S

Nov 12, 2015


"Through active listening and engagement, Bill Thompson responded diligently and professionally to a short-fused request for assistance. Based upon his expertise, he selected the most qualified tutor who was ready to hit the ground running to assist my student. The tutor was highly qualified and did not require "on-the-job" training. The tutor was a subject matter expert and truly cared about the success of my student. The tutor was flexible and took additional time, appreciating the concerns of my student. The Tutor Doctor staff performed admirably and gave top-flight assistance when it was needed most.”

--Bill B

Aug 13, 2015


"Convenient quality service”

--Susan W

Jun 11, 2015


"1 on 1 attention in our home”

--Karen A

Apr 30, 2015


"A wonderful help. Thank you for your service. Leo has been great!”

--Dallas L

Mar 14, 2015


"That everyone is easy to reach. But mainly my son is doing so much better with trigonometry!”

--Jennifer M

Feb 04, 2015


"I like that the tutor comes to you and that they are custom picked for your child's needs and personality.”

--Rebecca S

Jan 29, 2015



--Jay L

Jan 16, 2015


"The tutors are always flexible with scheduling and their knowledge base is great!”

--Erin L

Jan 07, 2015


"It's very personalized and they come to you, both for the assessment and for the tutoring. It's really one and one and individualized according to the child's needs and interests.”

--Rebecca S

Oct 29, 2014


"Tutors are very thorough and knowledgeable. My Son likes the personal attention.”

--Ellen C

Oct 29, 2014



--Jay L

Sep 24, 2014


"I like that the tutors are hand picked after meeting with us and the children. The tutoring is tailored to the child. If something isn't challenging enough for my son, she finds more challenging, but fun activities for him. If my daughter shows a deficit in a math concept, she finds activities to help with that deficit. I also like that the tutor comes to us rather than working in a group with other children. It's been a great experience thus far!”

--Rebecca S

Jul 10, 2014


"Janet has been amazing. She has been instrumental in Maddie's progress with reading and in her overall self-esteem. Thank you for finding such a wonderful match for our daughter!”

--Sarah R

Jun 25, 2014